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About Us

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The Tibet Post International (TPI), a Tibetan news service based in Dharamshala, northern India, was formed in March 2008, under the auspices of the Himalayan Literacy Trust.

HLT is a non-profit-making organization and was founded by a group of young Tibetan journalists with the primary goal of promoting democracy through freedom of expression within Tibetan communities, both in exile and in Tibet.

Initially established as Press of Tibet in 2007, it was registered as HLT in 2010 and in 2011 became an accredited partner of Reporters Without Borders (RSF). HLT launched a twice-monthly English-language newspaper, the Tibet Post International (TPI), in Dharamshala on 10 December 2012.

For the past eight years, HLT has published The Tibet Post International online, in English, along with three other dedicated English, Tibetan and Chinese-language websites (see below). Every issue of TPI’s print newspaper is also available in a downloadable version from the TPI website, www.tibetnewsonline.com.

Filling the absence of freedom of information and expression within Tibet, HLT attempts to bridge the gap between Tibet and the rest of the world.

TPI closely follows developments inside Tibet, as well as reporting on the activities and workings of exile Tibetan institutions.  We seek to provide truthful, reliable information, and address the social, political, economic, and educational needs of Tibetan people.

TPI believes that news coverage within a democracy must focus attention on people from all strata of society—from dignitaries and world leaders to those struggling with poverty and oppression.

HLT was registered in 2010, under the district magistrate of Kangra, Himachal, government of India (Registration No: 235/2010. Registraton Date: 07/04/2010. Book No. 1).

Editorial Board

Mr Yeshe Choesang                                 Founder and Managing Editor
Ms Keary Huang                                      Chinese-language Editor

Mr Choneyi Sangpo                                 Tibetan-language Editor

Mr Molly Lortie                                        Assistant Editor

Mr Dawa Phurbu                                     Asistant Editor and Reporter
Mr Artemas Liu                                       Reporter/Photographer, Taiwan
Mr Dugkar Kyab                                     Newspaper Circulation

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