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27 june 2012 003Dharamshala: ''Flames of Freedom'' is a daring, dramatic and thought provoking concept based on the current escalation of self-immolations in Tibet, initiated by a group of Tibetans, and others, in California. The ' burning man' concept incorporates elements of artistic and political protest which will be aimed at the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles, and perhaps more importantly, at American and World public opinion.

To date, forty two Tibetans, mostly within Tibet itself, have self-sacrificed their bodies in order to protest Chinese rule in Tibet.

To burn one's body is seen within the Tibetan Buddhist cultural tradition as the ultimate form of self-sacrifice; and the ultimate form of non-violence. The Buddha himself, according to the Buddhist historical canon, gave his body to a starving tigress and her cubs in one of his reincarnations.

Taken within this context, Tibetans burning their bodies is seen by the organizers of the event, and Tibetans in general, as a ''daring political defiance'', and crucially given the socio-religious context a ''choice that emphasizes peace.''

Furthermore, the pertinent question they ask at the moment is: if the world and China in particular ignores the issue of Tibet and the message of these martyrs, [is there] a chance that the movement may eventually turn violent?

The truthful answer is of course no one really knows. Yet, that is the question the organizers of the event urgently feel the need to ask. And, in a sense, the burning man solidarity event is symbolically asking that question of China.

The event itself will be held at the end of this month and will be performed by a Hollywood stuntman. The point they will try to make is that people are actually self-immolating for real in Tibet, and that the 'drama' of a staged event in California will mirror the real events in a very unfree and different society 'within China's borders'.

The organizers hope to enlist the help and support of well known Bollywood and Hollywood personalities including Whoopi Goldberg, Pooja Batra and Harrison Ford to highlight the campaign.

If you want to learn more about organization and their principles and philosophy check out http://tibetburning.com/los-angeles-lhakar/

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