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Padiglione-Tibet-2013Dharamshala: - Ruggero Maggi, a well-known Italian artist is organising a Tibet pavilion, inspired by the tenets of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and highlighting elements and aspects of Tibetan culture and life in Venice, Italy.

The event, which will be conducted in May, 2013, will include performances by Tibetan artists, screening of movies dealing with the current situation in Tibet and will also exhibit traditional Tibetan paintings and sculptures.

The pavilion aims to spread awareness about Tibetan culture among Italian and International visitors by creating a "distinct art event that underlines the deep sense of spirituality of the Tibetan people".

Tibetan prayer wheels, cylindrical structures with Buddhist mantras written on them, with a central hinge to allow rotation will is also being displayed. The artist describes the concept of the prayer wheels, " the belief that prayers can be recited and spread to invoke divinities, with a simple, soft touch" as an indication of " how the deep Tibetan spiritual reality is based on nature itself, in an incessant exchange with the universe".

Mr Maggi has dedicated the pavilion to the at least 117 Tibetans, who have died by setting themselves on fire, protesting the actions of the Chinese government in Tibet and calling for the safe return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to his homeland. He describes their actions as "a monition, not to forget" and as a "sacrifice for freedom and truth".

Since Tibet's lack of sovereignty means that it cannot organise a pavilion in the Venice Biennale, Mr Maggi wants to run his Tibet pavilion parallel to it, based on his belief that "art, as a system should fight against this, by using all means and possibilities" by "breaking patterns and walls of silence".

Mr Maggi further says that the event is particularly relevant because of the current physical, cultural and psychological damage that is being inflicted on Tibet and that he hopes it can "highlight the union between Sacred Tibetan Art and Western Contemporary Art".

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