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dove-peaceDharamshala: - The Tibet Society, in partnership with the Sussex Free Tibet Society is organising a four day festival celebrating the art and culture of Tibet and highlighting the present crises in the region through film and poetry in Brighton, England.

'Tibet in Brighton, a Creative Investigation', will be held from 26-29 May and will be part of the Brighton Fringe, one of the largest art festivals in the U K.

The organisers describe the festival as an exploration of Tibet "through art, music, film and poetry to provide a picture of the political and personal situation, both in Tibet and in exile."

The event will include screenings of popular movies related to Tibet, poetry by N. Dhargyal and an exhibition highlighting aspects of Tibetan culture.

The documentary 'Leaving Fear Behind' will also be screened. The director of the documentary Dhondup Wangchen was arrested and sentenced to six years imprisonment by Chinese authorities for 'subversion'.

He was made a 'prisoner of conscience' by prominent human rights organisation Amnesty International.

The festival will conclude with a performance by acclaimed Tibetan singer Soname Yangchen.

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