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taipei-2013-3Dharamshala: - During the Tibetan New Year 2013, a Tibetan family at the foot of Himalayas, while happily having New Year's dinner, was surprised by a snow lion breaking into their home with mouth wide open. "All family members were startled and shouted," said Tashi.

It is a series of contemporary works of art and photography created by White Tara Foundation based on the spirit of Tibetan culture. It is the very first time in a hundred years that the photography on Tibet was presented by means of contemporary art.

In recent years, there have been more than a hundred of self-immolation protests by Tibetans in the name of freedom in Chinese occupied Tibet, which anguish the Tibetans in Chinese occupied Tibet and in exile deeply.

It is because of the grief that all kinds of traditional New Year celebration were halted inside and outside of Tibet. In this critical time, Tibetans' talent in singing and dancing seems to be sinful.

After deliberation, if the gloomy atmosphere continues to pervade, the Tibetan culture which shall be preserved and inherited will fade away indirectly, clashing with the original goal of the renaissance of Tibetan culture.

With positive and active attitude, White Tara Foundation invites artists from Taiwan and students in TCV to jointly create a series of photographic illustration enriched with positive meanings and traditional Tibetan characteristics during winter vacation.

It is hoped to set a good example for more Tibetans to give full play to their abilities and move towards a more professional direction. In order to make Tibet to be seen and heard internationally and to ensure sustainable development of traditional Tibetan culture, they would rather actively open up a new perspective than protest with grief and lives.

We kindly invite all friends of Tibet to visit the photography exhibition of "The Other Side of Himalayas" at the main Tibetan Temple, McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala from 6/7~13. We extend a warm welcome to you to jointly create a beautiful future of Tibet.

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