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Tibet-India-Kickking-boundaries-2014-1Each year many photographers and filmmakers take Tibet up as their subject highlighting the same common issues and problems. But, one filmmaker is trying to break the mold of this outdated mindset by showcasing the often-unexplored side of the Tibetan youth.

Irshal Ishu, a young, Delhi-based filmmaker has decided to use his art for the development and upliftment of the youth, while also promoting the culture of Tibet. One of his most exciting projects to date is the upcoming documentary film called "Kicking Boundaries" which showcases the Tibetan, women's football team.

An initiative by Art for Cause and I-imagine Production, this documentary will create an intimate experience between the viewer and the players. Step into their lives, experience their struggles and hopes, and watch them work towards fulfilling their dreams to one day make their international debut as Team Tibet! "Kicking Boundaries" rings of these young women's peaceful revolution to represent themselves and their country while living in exile in India. The film is also distinct in that half of its expenses have been raised entirely through crowd funding. Further, everyone associated with this project is working as a volunteer without any self-interest.

In addition, it will be the first documentary of its kind with its own global fusion, music album. Entitled "We Are United," it features a compilation of 11 songs and the work of talented artists from around the world such as the United States, Finland, Denmark, India, Tibet, Nepal, and the United Kingdom. Produced by Sing Along Music Recording Studio in Delhi, this vibrant, unique album is expected to be released at the end of March. An extra special treat to the album is the enthusiastic and soulful contribution of three, young Tibetan school girls, Tenzin Norzom (Nori Ma), Tenzin Yangzom, and Lhamo Choekyi (the latter two are also the football players on the main team), who sing the title track of the film.

The overall objective of "Kicking Boundaries" is to facilitate change in the lives of the young players by encouraging FIFA recognition and additional financial support from around the world. Ishu, also the film's Director, will donate 60 percent of the total profits earned for the future development of Tibetan, young women football players and the remaining 40 percent will go towards future projects.

Ishu says, "Yes, I am kicking boundaries by trying to break the walls created by us, the human species! In terms of the music album, as a representation of artists from the four corners of the globe, it unites us as one. It's really been great seeing individuals from different cultures joining hand-in-hand to work for such a noble cause and a real blessing to be a part of it."

"Kicking Boundaries" is currently in the production stage, the bulk of which has been shot throughout various regions of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. The film's international premier will be this coming June. You don't want to miss it! You, too, will be as touched as everyone else has who's been a part of this worthwhile project.

Prior to this film, Ishu completed another documentary entitled "Beyond Education" illustrating the unique Tibetan schooling system in exile. Even with his busy schedule, he still finds the time to provide free classes on filmmaking and photography in many of the Tibetan schools. It's obvious from his dedication that he is 150 percent committed to the Tibetan cause.

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