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Tibet-Film-Old-Dog-2014Dharamshala: - The 2014 Hong Kong Tibet Film Festival will be held in Hong Kong, on September 26-28. With the help of the organizer of Zurich Tibet Film Festival, the film festival will show screen films and a large number of micro movies related to Tibet.

Hong Kong Tibet Film Festival council says ‘those filmmakers and photographers of films all attribute to inside and outside Tibet, so those films are more realistic and help people to comprehend Tibetan’s sight of life, identity, reflections and affection.’

In a press statement to the Tibet Post International, the organisers said that 'it will invite audiences from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, and screen the following films: Old Dog (director :Pema Tseden), Bringing Tibet Home (director : Tenzin Tsetan Choklay), Summer Pasture (director : Lynn True, Nelson Walker, Tsering Perlo), Girl From China (director : Sonam Tseten), Tibet In Song (director : Ngawang Choephel). It will screen micro movies won award in competition for Tibet documentary of Zurich Tibet Film Festival: Canh Ba Ba (turtle soup)(director :Tsering Tashi Gyalthang) and Re-paired Glasses (director : Geleck Palsang) and etc.'

“Old Dog” directed by Pema Tseden is a new-wave Tibetan films, it doesn’t include any of the flourishing beauty but shows a dismal, despairing area where the cities look like post-apocalyptic wastelands and the countrysides don’t seem to contain a speck of life. While Pema Tseden’s outlook on things is unrelentingly critical, it’s not being negative for the sake of it – there’s some true passion behind it, with plenty to say on all topics, ranging from the younger generation’s lack of connection, to their heritage and the troubling relationship between Tibetan and China.

“Bringing Tibet Home” directed by Tenzin Tsetan is a documentary film about the artist Tenzin Tsetan’s art project named “Our Land, Our People” to bring 20,000 kilos of native Tibetan soil across the Himalayas from Tibet to India and display this soil on a platform in Dharamshala giving a chance to thousands of exiled Tibetans to walk on their home soil. For some, this is the first time that they will have set foot on their homeland. Through this groundbreaking site-specific installation, it will enable the displaced to ‘Return’ home.

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