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2april20106Dharamshala: Peak art, a new art gallery in Dharamshala, was opened today. Featuring a selection of 14 drawings by modern Tibetan artists, the current exhibition focuses on Tibetan culture, Buddhism and the current political situation in Tibet. "Dharamshala has it's first contemporary art gallery," said Ms Sarah, director and founder of Peak Art.

Sarah told reporters at a media conference today that she not only wanted to describe Tibetan culture and religion through Peak art works, but also contemporary concerns about the situation in Tibet. "We believe that it is essential that the Tibetan society in exile is not simply existing, but thriving and engaging with the global community. With that in mind, we started this enterprise."

The Tibetan artists whose work is currently displayed expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to display their work, and for the creation of a much-needed platform for Tibetan artists in exile. Peak Art currently displays work by four Tibetan contemporary artists, Tenzin Dakpa; age 25, Lobsang Dorjee; age 36, Tenzin Gawa; age 26, and Sonam Wangchuk; age 28. The fourteen-piece collection features work in various mediums including oil, acrylic and watercolor.

2april20107The released statement said, "Peak Art was created to serve the community, and to inform visitors of the unique and remarkable creativity that the Tibetan society in exile possess. We have collected art from some remarkable artists living in Dharamshala. Each artist finds inspiration in different contexts. Tenzin Dakpa's favorie artist is Leonardo da Vinci and one of his favorite pieces is the Mona Lisa. Tenzin Dawa was inspired to paint walking through a busy market in old Delhi. Lobsang Dorjee is entirely self-taught and works passionately, painting traditional Tibetan themes in order to share the richness of Tibetan culture."

Sarah and partner Tashi, together decided with their shared passion for the Tibetan culture, and Tashi's experience running a business of Dharamshala, that they had a great opportunity to open the gallery.

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