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14april20103Dharamshala: Like many I came to McLeod Ganj to help the Tibetan's-in-exile, I arrived expecting to work in the construction industry, as that is my occupation back home. Instead I was lucky enough to be asked to volunteer at The Tibet Post to write articles. I was also lucky, in that I formed a friendship with a young Tibetan man. I asked if I could write his story, but he has taken the initiative and has written it himself, and I much prefer it like this. It is real. It is titled "My Story".

I was born into a kind, nomadic family, in Tibet on 30 dec 1978, my parents were very happy for what we had, of course we didn't have money 'n all, but we had lots of animals, more then 40 YAKS and 700 SHEEPS.My father was a very strong man and he was a good husband, and My mum was a very gentle woman. I felt so lucky I had a mum like her. My mom always had a smile on her face, and I almost never saw her angry or in a bad mood.

My uncle was happy with his life, he had only one son (dawa sangbo) and wife (Kelsang Choekyi), he was a (Tibetan shaman) we nomad call lama, and every nomad people respect him.but...............................

In 1989 we were celebrating Tibetan New Year (Losar); everybody was wearing Tibetan traditional nomad dress, singing nomad songs and playing a popular Tibetan game called shoba. It was on second day of losar in the afternoon many Chinese police came to my tent house and arrest my uncle, without any purpose or reason.

I was only 10 years old, and I didn't understand nothing of what was going on with my uncle and why the Chinese police arrested him, it was the only question in my mind.

Then 5 days after they arrest my uncle, my mum she asked me to come see uncle, it was falling tears from her eyes , it was the first time I ever saw her cry, I was use to always see her smiley face. My mom told me to hold her hand and she took me to uncle, but when we got there the police already killed my uncle, and they made a paper, writing things that where not true at all. They blame him for killing a nomad family who died in a fire., all the nomad people in my area knows it, this is not true, but nobody had power to go and say something. So I decided to escape to India.

First I even lied to my mum, I said I would like to go to India for study, but in my mind there was something, something I cannot explain to anyone. I did not know what will happen on the way.

I just wanted to know why the Chinese police had to kill my uncle, why couldn't they just put him in prison? Then it was on 6 June 1990 midnight, my wonderful mum waked me up and she said to me, my dear son now is the time to go where u want to go, do hard study and come back soon, I will always wait for u here, you are everything on my life.

But I couldn't say anything back to my mum, I just took my bag with few kilo of tsampa and yak butter for on the way, I walk 18 days with group of 42 people from Tibet to refugee center in Nepal (Kathmandu) during 18 days most of time we were walking at night, each second I was missing my wonderful parent, but I keep walking and walking, and passing by Himalaya, no warm food, no time for sleep, only fear and tears,

I spend 2 weeks in Nepal, and refugee center send us to Tibetan exile in Dharamsala INDIA, and one morning we had chance to meet H.H DALAI LAMA, when my turn to get blessing from HH,he offer me to join as a monk, and after3 weeks in Tibetan exile, I went to join as monk to drepung gomang monastry (south India),but it was very hard for me to focus my mind on study,always i had picture of my uncle in my mind. So after 2 years I decided to leave monk, and go to school, and I came back again to dharamsala, and I requested to refugee center for send me school. Same problem again for study, then I leave school when I was 15 years old,

I was trying to find job in Delhi, but nobody wants to gave me job, because I was not speaking HINDI, and ENGLISH only Tibetan, After 5 days in Delhi, the last day I saw train station, and I just went inside of train, without ticket and knowing, next morning when I wake up I was in Mumbai, again I was trying for job,but.....! So I went to train again, next morning I was in Margao train station(Goa),when I went out from station, I was so so hungry, but I didn't have money to eat I had only 48 Rupees in my pocket, so I went to local tea shop, I had cup of tea and slice bread, And I was asking job to tea shop, I was lucky that, person who was as manager he could speak Tibetan well, he told me I have to wait until the boss come, so I was waiting and waiting, finally I got job, and I was working there as a waiter, after 4 months I met a European tourist ERICK from Germany,

He asked me where do I come from, I explain him everything about my life, it was easy with him, because he could understand Tibetan language, then one day he found a job for me on the beach (Benaulim beach Goa) as waiter, I was happy for my job, but one thing always in my mind, missing my parent everyday, no phone call, no letter,

After 16 years when I met my parent,15 years old sister front of me and I didn't know I have sister, only 10 days I had chance to spend my time with parent, after that at least I could talk with my parent on phone every month, But on 2008 china they disconnected communication, I have been trying to call my parent everyday, suddenly one day I could talk with my parent again, and said they don't have nothing to eat, because they cannot go out of house, then I said to my parent leave Tibet and come to India, I will do my best, of course you will not have rich life, but we will survive our life, So my parent leave Tibet on 18 July 2008, I was waiting and waiting them, since 22 months, I have been many time phone call to Tibetan refugee center in Nepal, but I didn't get any answer where they are. Now I lost my parent from my life.....

I want to have same family again, if there is next life.

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