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12 january 2012 001Dharamsala: - Situated on McLeodganj's Jogiwara Road, at a 45-degree incline, The 8 Aupicious Him View Hotel is run by brother and sister Tsering Dorjee and Sonam Yangchen.

Dorjee, aged 27, and Yangchen, aged 32, have been at the Him View for over three years. Yangchen spends most of her time running the hotel restaurant.

Both siblings grew up in Mungod settlement in South India. Their parents, originally from Tibet, are farmers. Dorjee and Yangchen have never visited Tibet and say they are happy living as part of the Tibetan community in Dharmshala. "I studied computer science but then I ended up working in the hotel business in Bangalore" said Tsering.  "I have worked in the hotel business for more than six years now.

We carry ourselves very well and always want to treat the guests with patience and respect." Yangchen has a BA in commerce and her first job was at the Norbulingka cultural institute's restaurant, near Dharamsala, where she learned finance. When she moved to the Him View, she asked her brother to follow.

Yangchen is the mother of two boys, aged three and five. "I only wish for my children to become a good person and be educated,"she said.

"I believe that when they grow older, children will have their own vision and the best I can do is to offer advice and love to them." Both siblings find it easier to maintain Tibetan customs in Dharamsala than elsewhere. "I wanted to move out of Bangalore because there was no Tibetan community," said Dorjee. "Here it is comfortable. I also wanted the opportunity to see the Dalai Lama." Dorjee hopes to build the hotel up to become more successful and professional. Outside work, he enjoys sport, including soccer, skating, and cricket.

"I enjoy serving people," he said. "We want to treat our guest like gods and make sure they are happy with us."

"I enjoy the different foreigners that come to stay with us, added Yangchen. "They are very nice. In fact, I would feel embarrassed if I put my opinions above other guests. We want them to feel comfortable."

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