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SEEDharamshala: A British NGO is seeking Tibetan organisations in Dharamshala with which to place skilled graduates on four month work experience schemes.

Director of Skills and Experience Exchange (SEE), James Dunn, said that the aim of the initiative is to: “provide Tibetan businesses and organisations with highly skilled British university graduates as volunteers in exchange for giving them key work experience.”

He said: “SEE will provide graduates who have specific skills related to the organisation. For example if you are a newspaper we will provide journalism graduates.  They will work within their placements for four days a week, whilst the fifth day will consist of seminars aimed at improving the graduates’ career prospects and teaching them about Tibetan culture.

“In essence we aim to provide graduates with work experience and Tibetan organisations with skills.”

Mr Dunn added that the graduates will participate in a programme of events including talks from exiled Tibetans, documentary screenings and tours of Tibetan institutions and organisations.

“For the Tibetan cause to be cemented in the modern age we need people such as these graduates to come to Dharamshala and learn about what is truly happening in Tibet,” he said.

“They can then take these experiences with them and their knowledge can be shared.”

SEE representatives will visit Dharamshala in late February and March and would very much like to meet anyone interested in becoming involved with the initiative.

For more information, please email Mr Dunn at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..uk, or visit: www.seeopportunities.org.uk.

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