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17november20094Dharamshala: Sarah College for Higher Tibetan Studies near Dharamsala, India, is holding a five-day conference in commemoration of 50 years of Tibetans living in exile.

Since the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the erosion of Tibetan culture, Tibetans in India have been striving to keep their traditions alive, under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The event at Sarah, which began today, will feature talks by 20 scholars on a variety of subjects, including Tibetan Buddhism, philosophy, history and language.

This morning's opening ceremony included speeches by Yuthok Karma Gelek, secretary of the Tibetan Government-in-exile's education department, and Kalsang Damdul, assistant director of Sarah College and the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics.

The conference will also include a discussion about a proposed MA degree in Tibetan language at Sarah College, and how the course might be structured.

Karma Tenzin Khangsar, Assistant Secretary of Sarah College, told The Tibet Post that he hopes the conference will provide a valuable platform for the exchange of ideas and advancement of knowledge, by reviewing the last 50 years of exile, considering the future for exiled Tibetans, and looking at new directions for Sarah College.

Transcripts of the scholars' presentations will be published after the event and distributed to Tibetan education centres.

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