Tibet: News in Focus His Holiness Becomes Honorary Citizen of Budapest

His Holiness Becomes Honorary Citizen of Budapest

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19september20102Budapest: His Holiness the Dalai Lama delivered the first of two days of teachings to a crowd of thousands at a sports arena in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, on Saturday (September 18). He then travelled to the town hall, where Mayor Gabor Demszky made him an honorary citizen.

A total of 22,000 are expected to attend the teachings over the weekend. All tickets have been sold out and the sessions are being broadcast live on the internet.

On Monday, His Holiness will make a speech to the Hungarian parliament and students of the Central European University of Budapest. No official meetings with members of the Hungarian government have been announced but, according to several reports, His Holiness will meet senior Hungarian politicians, including Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

This is His Holiness' seventh visit to Hungary - the last being in 2000. The country's connection with Tibet dates back to Hungarian scholar and pioneer of Tibetology K?rösi Csoma Sándor's visits to the region, after which he wrote the first Tibetan-English dictionary in 1824.

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