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10june20103Dharamshala: The Central Tibetan Admistration's (CTA) Bangalore Regional Election Officer-cum-Chief Representative was right to close voter registration on August 7, according to the Election Commission (EC) in Dharamsala, which says many regional election offices in India and western countries had different closing dates.

In a letter dated August 10, the EC commended the south zone officer for making "proper and successful" registration and said failure to register on time by some individuals was due to their apathy.

This bears significance as Phayul website posted a report on August 8 which made allegations that the south zone office was tainting Tibetan democracy by misinterpreting election rules.

"This is to acknowledge your [south zone office's] seven-page letter," the letter read, "including the covering letter dated 9 August 2010, regarding voter registration and copies of the related documents on the notices to the public on the voter registration that you had sent through the heads of local organizations.

"We commend the successful work carried by your office on the voter registration. Recently, a girl describing herself as a working staff in Bangalore telephoned us that some people in the area reportedly remained to be registered.

"We consider lack of awareness on the part of individual persons for their failure to register despite extensive public announcements made by your office. We also conveyed to the caller that the south zone office had made no mistake. Kindly register until 18 August those people who had failed to register and the list should reach this office latest by 25 August 2010".

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