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28october20104Dharamshala: Nepalese authorities arrested seven Tibetan Refugees on Monday (October 25) from Thankote area in western Nepal, The Tibet Post International has learned. The local immigration authorities handed the seven Tibetans to the National Immigration authorities in Kathmandu on the same day.

The seven were detained in Kathmandu immigration office where they were interrogated for many hours. The authorities found out that three of them had Chinese travel permit with them and the other four had Indian Registration Certificate (residential permit issued to Tibetans by the Indian government).

The four with Indian permits were fined a penalty of 15000 Nepalese rupees (over 9300 Indian Rupees) each for illegal entry into Nepal and ordered to leave Nepalese territory within seven days. The other three were summoned the following day to the immigration office and their Chinese travel permits were seized. The names and other details of the three are not known but the report described them as a 70 year old woman from Utsang, a 64 year old man from Amdo and a 57 year old man from Kham.

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