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01november20104Dharamshala: A Fashion show was held at Tibetan Institute of Performance Arts (TIPA) on Saturday evening (30th October) to showcase the work of the Tibetan Modern-Traditional Fashionable Costume Shop. The fashion show also included music performances by many different Tibetan singers, including Soshol Dhargye.

The fashion featured 20 traditional categories representing the different regions and counties of Tibet. In the modern section fo the show almost 40 dresses and suits costing over 2 lakh rupees.

The show included 10 models of both sexes, including the winner of the first Miss Tibet, Dolma Tsering and runners up from Miss Tibet, Yangchen Metok and Metok Lhaze. The event showcased both traditional and modern Tibetan fashions as well as a fusion of the two, by the main designer of the Tibetan Modern-Traditional Fashionable Costume Shop Phubu Tsering.

The fashion show was aimed at encouraging Tibetans to continue wearing their cultures clothing. The designers also aimed at creating new modern ways of Tibetan clothing, without losing their traditional values, the designers hope that their show will aid the promotion of Tibetan clothes to the international market.

It highlighted the developments of the Tibetan community in exile with the attendance surpassing 600 people at TIPA, based in Dharamshala.

More photos, please visit our latest gallery of the fashion event.

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