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15november20102Brussels: A Tibetan Organization called Tibetan Cultural Center Belgium will be taking time to celebrate its 2nd founding anniversary, which actually falls in this month. And rightly so - it is a significant achievement for Tibetan culture and identity and many activities are planned. But the festivities apart, it will still be a case of ‘Tibetan language as the communist regime of China has recently been planned a new education policy dimension in Tibet that carefully aiming to destroy the Tibetan language and culture identity.

The Tibetan Culture Center Belgium (TCCB) was established on 23th November 2008. In the last 2 years the group have taught the Tibetan culture and history to the Tibetan children who are growing up in Belgium, but also the Tibetan language, singing and dancing, and compassion.

The organization told The Tibet Post International that "TCCB will be registered as an official Belgian association and also are going to publish teacher's books, textbooks with lessons and homework books for the students for our classes in Brussels, Oostende and Antwerpen where Tibetans settled. These classes are based on the lessons of Tibetan students in the United States of America. The idea is to give lessons to the students on their level and that all our local classes are equal. The lessons are special, the students can learn words using pictures, videos and audios."

The organization further said that each year the group will give two exams to the students and research their further studies. At the end of the year we celebrate our founding anniversary with a traditional Tibetan culture show and report about the year program.

"We would like to thank you for your support because this important program is meant to preserve our unique cultural heritage. This is not only the responsibility of the Tibetan Culture Center Belgium, but of every single Tibetan." said the released statement.

The celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the Tibetan Cultural Center Belgium will be taking place in Antwerpen, Belgium on Saturday 20th November 2010. At the moment the organization has more than 40 students and more than 12 staff members, including a President, a school director, a secretary, an accountant, a public relations manager and local teachers. Everyone works on voluntary basis.

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