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15november20103Dharamshala: The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile has expressed solidarity with the family of Tibetan freedom fighter, the late Jigme Norbu, son of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's late brother Taktser Rinpoche.

"The Standing Committee of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile" has sent a letter of condolence to Taktser Rinpoche's wife, Mrs. Kunyang Norbu, to share their sadness over the demise of the Tibetan freedom fighter who was killed in a road accident on 14 February - Monday - along the side of a Florida highway during a 300-mile "Walk for Tibet". Mr. Topgyal, the secretary of the Tibetan parliament in exile also told Tibet online TV that the committee had sent a letter to the family of the late Norbu and expressed its solidarity with his family.

In his condolence letter dated 16 February, Mr. Penpa Tsering, speaker of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, said that "The Standing Committee of the Tibetan Parliament in exile express its deep appreciation for the services that the late Jigmey Norbu has dedicated to bring awareness to the continuing struggle of the Tibetan people."

"At last, the dedication of his life was made to this last struggle movement, a 300-mile "Walk for Tibet", was rendered to the Tibet cause in following his late father Taktser Rinpoche, and we offer our prayers for peace for the departed soul."

Tibetan communities around the world organised prayer ceremonies to mourn the loss of a Tibetan freedom fighter who was a patriot in following in the footsteps of his illustrious father on his travels and walks, seeing what his father did for Tibet.

Norbu had done several other similar walks, including a 900-mile trek in 2009 from Indiana to New York. Norbu, 45, was in the midst of a walk to bring attention and awareness to the continuing struggle of the Tibetan people to gain their independence from communist China.

The "Tibet Walk" has made him a hero to thousands of Tibetans around the world. Norbu was struck by a car during the first day of a 300-mile walk. The walk was the latest in a journey that had seen the 45-year-old activist log more than 7,800 miles on foot and bicycle in the U.S. and overseas to support Independence for Tibet and highlight the suffering of its people.

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