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23february2011014Dharamshala: - February 23: Family, friends and the public gathered at Bloomington City Hall to hear late Jigme Norbu's family speak for the first time since loosing him in an accident on 14th February. The family vowed to carry on his mission from where Jigme left off.

The Norbu family bowed, honoring their late fallen hero. "Such a tragic loss but then out of the loss there's so much good. So much, because now I hope other Tibetans will step up and won't let this dream die. We won't let this dream die, but now others will step up and say we need to do something," said his brother Kunga Norbu.

Two of Jigme Norbu's sons and his brother Kunga plan to continue the walk Wednesday through Saturday in Florida . "These two right here, along with me, we're going to go many places," said Kunga.

The Herald Times of Bloomington reported that 13-year-old Tenzin and 9-year-old Jensen Norbu will walk, but their 6-year-old brother won't make the walk due to his age.

The family trio will complete Norbu's incomplete walk to bring attention to the campaign for freedom in Chinese-controlled Tibet , picking up from where Jigme Norbu died last week in Florida.

The 45-year-old Jigme Norbu was struck and killed by a sport utility vehicle (SUV) Feb. 14, about 25 miles (40 kilometres) south of St. Augustine . It happened on the first day of a 300-mile (480-kilometre) walk.

Norbu was a Bloomington native and was deeply involved in the movement to free Tibet . His family plans to have a memorial service on 1st March at Bloomington City Hall .

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