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10thmarch20110091009BANGALORE (March, 10) - Oddly 400 Tibetan students in the city commemorated the 52nd anniversary of their forefathers' failed uprising against the illegal occupation of their country, by holding a protest cum press conference today in the city.

"Today is a historical day in the Tibetan history as on this very day of 1959, millions of our country people stood against the illegal occupation of our country by the Chinese communist party, and since then, every year on the same day, thousands of brothers and sisters sacrifice their lives for our country, and today, our families and siblings might be risking their lives back in Tibet voicing their resentment against the Chinese government," said Youngdrung Tenzin, vice president of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress in Bangalore.

Tibetans in Bangalore marked the 52nd anniversary of their failed but historical revolutionary day by holding a seminar at Mount Carmel College, and a press conference at the Bangalore Press Club followed by a peace march for three kilometers in the city.

Tibetans working in the city also joined the Tibetan students in the protest, and they shouted slogans like "Free Tibet, Free Tibet", "China go back to China", "Tibet belongs to Tibetans."

"This year is the year of revolution, and the courage to stand against guns and brutality. Revolution is in the air, and we are dreaming of fanning the flame of ‘Yak Revolution' in Tibet, sooner or later," said the vice president. "On this day of 1959, millions of our people have lost their lives in their fight for our freedom, and every year, on this same day, thousands are being jailed and hundreds are losing their lives. Yet we honor this day, we commemorate this day, and we inspire ourselves to carry on the spirit of struggle for a free Tibet," he added.

Today, Tibetans all over the world are marking the anniversary of their forefathers' failed revolution against the Chinese government in 1959.

"A new uprising is underway in Tibet. Tibetans are boldly asserting their identity and desire for freedom. A new generation is determined to finish what was started half a century ago when Tibetans defiantly rose up against China's occupation," says the website of Students for a Free Tibet.

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