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30march201100020K012Zurich: - About 250 Tibetans and sympathizers have gathered in Zurich on Wednesday, 30th of March in memory of the young Buddhist monk who immolated himself in Amdo province in Tibet in protest to Chinese oppression.

Exactly two weeks ago, the young Tibetan monk Phuntsok immolated himself in Ngaba region of Tibet. He intended to set a symbol against the brutal military actions by the Chinese government in Tibet.

According to several sources, police officers put out the fire and then started beating the monk up, who died shortly afterwords. The situation in Nagba is extremely tense. Since then, several people have been arrested without any reason - amongst others the uncle and brother of Phuntsok.

In reminiscence of Phuntsok, a funeral rally took place on Wednesday the 30th of March in Zurich next to the Tessinerplatz (Bahnhof Enge). After meeting up, the participants marched to the Chinese consulate. There, the presidents of the main Tibet support organisations gave a speech. On site, the participants shouted slogans showing the Chinese government, that the sacrifice of the Tibetan monk is not forgotten!

On March 17 - The five major Tibetan NGO's in Dharamsala said they unite to express solidarity in response to the brutal suppression by the Chinese government of the Tibetan protesters in Amdho Ngaba of Tibet. The incredible expression of unrelenting courage and determination by our brave Tibetan brothers and sisters in Amdo Ngaba exemplifies that no amount of force can kill the spirit of the Tibetan people.

The event was supported and carried out by the following organizations: Swiss Tibetan friendship association, Tibetan women Association in Switzerland and the Tibetan youth organizations in Europe.

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