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20thapril201102123Kathmandu: -'The Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of Kathmandu' have staged a hunger strike this week to raise awareness for those suffering in Kirti Monastery; Tibet. Angered by the violence of the Chinese officials towards the monks of Kirti, in Ngaba region of Tibet, the members of TYC in Kathmandu rallied for the 24 hour hunger strike on April 18th.

Regarding the peaceful protest, the TYC issued the statement: "We would like to request you please stand for us. Please contact the Chinese embassy and alert them to the news of Phuntsok's protest and the following peaceful protests by hundreds of monks and lay people which were violently suppressed. Please ask Chinese embassy officials to contact the Chinese authorities to ascertain the current situation in Ngaba".

J.J. Tenzin told The Tibet Post International that Nepalese police personnels forced a Tibetan woman to take-off her T-shirt, because of the slogan on it stating "Save Tibet", which humiliated her as only her bra was covering her dignity from the surrounding people and security personnel."

Kirti Monastery has been under the media gaze recently ever since the self immolation of Phuntsok , a resident Monk, who died by self-immolation to raise awareness for the Tibetan struggle, on the anniversary of the 2008 Tibet uprising. It is estimated that around 800 members of Chinese armed security are present at the monastery. The have been recent reports of clashes with local residents and monks against Chinese armed forces, who attempted to enter the inner sanctum forcibly, and have vowed to ‘re-educate' the residents of Kirti Monastery. Trained dogs were used against the protesters, and over 33 people have been arrested. The Monastery is currently cordoned off, with reports of little food entering or leaving the Monastery. Fears are growing for the health of the 2500 monks currently in Kirti, who face starvation if food continues to be blocked from the premises.

The TYC implored this week "Please seek full and detailed information about the individuals detained, with assurances that those needing medical attention receive it immediately and please pressure the Chinese government to respect the rights of Tibetans to peaceful protest and to give religious freedom".

For more photos of the event please visit our gallery, click on this link...

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