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27thmay201101Dharamshala- The Miss Tibet Pageant celebrates its 10th anniversary this year in Mcleoad Ganj with six beautiful contestants. The 12 day event stars Tibetan participants from a diaspora that spreads across the globe, aiding awareness for the Tibetan cause and maintaining the Tibetan culture with a distinctly modern twist.

The pageant marks its 10th anniversary with 6 beautiful Tibetan women this year. 2011s contest involves an orientation on Tibetan culture, philosophy and current affairs. The six contestants will perform yoga, cultural dances, catwalk modeling, personality development as well as visits to the Tibetan Government in Exile, local Tibetan schools, and NGOs.

The pageants hail from afar afield as Australia, India, Switzerland and the United States. Chemi Lhazom, Dolma Tsering and Tenzin Sangmo are from India, Ngodud Dolma from Australia, Tenzin Yangkyi from Switzerland and Tenzin Khecho from the United States.

The coming seven days will see the contestants training for the competition rounds, that will be kicked off on the 3rd of June with a swimwear competition. Talk and talent rounds will follow - to highlight that these beautiful girls aren't just a pretty face.

Following the intellectual side of the contest, an evening gown and traditional costume event will be performed, and the interview rounds will tie-up the event on the 5th of June.

An enormous sum of 100,000 Rupees will be awarded to the fortunate girl who wins the event. This is easily the largest sum of prize money awarded for any event in the exiled Tibetan society. Second place will win 500,000 Rupees, and Third shall be awarded a sum of Rs 25,000.

The 10th anniversary of the event, though a happy occasion, is marred by the recent events in the Pageants' homeland. Hardships and crackdowns have been witnessed at Kitri Monastery - Amdo, and suppression is a regular occurrence for their people. The pageants hope and pray that the situation improves for those in Tibet over the coming days, and they have saluted the brave members of the Tibetan Youth Congress who performed a hunger strike in recent weeks.

Voting for Miss Photogenic will commence from the 1st to the 3rd of June. To have your vote on your favorite contestant, visit: misstibet.com

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