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flash1306113727Taipei: The Tibetan community based in Taiwan gathered for a meeting on Sunday to discuss latest developments related to the issue of Tibet and resolved to strengthen efforts to outreach to Chinese community to raise their awareness on the problems in Tibet.

The meeting was convened by Taiwan Tibetan Welfare Association at the Prayer Hall of Tibet Religious Foundation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The members of Tibetan Association, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Regional Tibetan Women's Association and other Tibetan active members attended the meeting.

"One of the important issues discussed in the meeting was that Taiwan is the right place to strengthen Tibetan people's efforts to reach out to Chinese people and to make aware the ordinary Chinese brothers and sisters about the real situation in Tibet," His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Representative to Taiwan, who attended the meeting, told TibetNet website.

Representative Dawa Tsering briefed the Tibetan community on issues regarding the recent amendment made to the charter on the devolution of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's formal authority to the democratically elected Tibetan leadership. He also made clarifications and replied to questions on the charter amendment, the Middle Way Approach, about the concept of democracy and other Tibet-related issues.

As thousands of tourists, including those from mainland China, visits Taiwan on a daily basis, the meeting unanimously agreed to organise every Sunday Tibet awareness events at different major tourist spots in Taipei city.

Mr Dachompa, president of Taiwanese-Tibetan Association and Mr Tashi Tsering, vice-president of Chinese-Tibetan Association of Taiwan, briefed the gathering on major important issues that were discussed during the 2nd Tibetan General Body Meeting held in Dharamsala. Mr Dachompa attended the general meeting in Dharamsala as a delegate of the Tibetans in Taiwan, while Mr Tashi Tsering participated as a volunteer.

--Report filed by, Kalsang Lhundup, OOT, Taiwan

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