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21june20110DHASADharamshala: His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet has returned to his residence in exile last night after a successful 11 day tour of Australia. He was greeted on the streets of Dharamshala, North India this morning by the Tibetan community upon his arrival at a meeting in the main temple complex.

The tour of Australia proved highly successful for exiled spiritual leader, who visited the cities of Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth.

He was greeted by traditional Aboriginal dancers, met with politicians, and gave speeches to audiences totaling over 65,000 people.

His intimate speeches ranged from his personal main commitments in life, an avocation of living a happy life, an awareness of indigenous rights, and the issue of suppression and suffering in his homeland of Tibet.

His Holiness also met with business leaders on the east coast, who have strong trade links with China; raising the Tibet issue with them.

Two weeks before His Holiness' visit to Perth, the Chinese consulate-general has reportedly put pressure on state members of parliament not to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In his media release, Senator Ludlam said:

"As strange as it may seem that the Chinese government is terrified of a 76 year-old Buddhist monk, this is not the first time they've tried this tactic. It would be useful for them to explain why they are urging democratically elected members of Parliament to not hear His Holiness speak."

The tour concluded in Perth with a "Songs for the Dalai Lama" concert. Some of the big names in the music industry joined to celebrate His Holiness' journey and support Tibetan charities.

A photo exhibition of the Dalai Lamas life journey that began before his visit will continue for the next few weeks.

His Holiness shall be performing teachings in Dharamsala, India on June 28 & 29 on the subject of ‘Je Tsongkhapa's Praise to the Buddha for His Teachings on Dependent Origination' (tendrel toepa) and also confer an ‘Avalokiteshvera Permission Initiation' (chenresig jenang), followed by a visit to America in July.

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