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17th-november-2011-indiaDharamshala, India: - The solidarity and spirit of around 600 Tibetans created an atmosphere of electricity in India's capital on Wednesday. The protestors marched through Delhi, shouting anti-China slogans and "Free Tibet!" to protest China's oppressive occupation of their homeland.

So strong was the conviction of the demonstrators that one even cut his finger and illustrated "Free Tibet" on a banner with his own blood. Another poster read "People of the world support us". Konchok Yangphel, a protest leader, called on China to deal justly with the Tibetans.

While China continues to insist that Tibet has always been an inviolable part of its territory- one that would have crumbled had it not been for its "Peaceful Liberation of Tibet", Tibetans stand firm on their stance that they had been independent for centuries.

Ever since China's clampdown extended to Tibet's cultural freedom, Tibetans have staged incendiary protests in the form of self-immolations, reaching a staggering number of 11 nuns and monks having committed the act, out of which at least 6 have died.

The Dalai Lama has blamed the desperate acts of these Tibetans in the Sichuan province, on China's "cultural genocide".

Earlier this month, a 25-year-old Tibetan, Sherab TseDor, set himself on fire outside the Chinese embassy in Delhi. Police on the scene managed to douse the flames from his trousers, while he shouted slogans against the Chinese occupation.

The protest in New Delhi on Wednesday kickstarts a series of demonstrations to be held every Wednesday in favour of the Tibetan cause.

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