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24june200913Dharamshala: Upwards of 3000 students laughed as His Holiness focused his attention on the three individuals in front of him debating in the Buddhist philosophy.  The audience was comprised of Tibetan youth from various schools and colleges across India, they crowded into the auditorium to listen to His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 3rd Introductory discourse on Buddhism.

The teaching was organized by the Buddhism Introductory committee of Dharamshala, with the aim to deepen the younger generation’s understanding of Tibetan Buddhism.  This year the teaching focused on the thirty seven practices of Bodhisattva written by the Buddhist master Gyalsey Thokmay Sangpo.

His Holiness said “Buddha dharma means to trans form your negative emotions, but because of our ignorance and delusion we are not finding the origin of its source.  In Tibetan Buddhism the central ideology is dependent origination and action is non-violence.  Our mind can not be changed by injections medicine or by prayer, the only way is Buddha dharma.”

To help students clarify their thoughts and doubts about Buddhism a question answer session was conducted.   His Holiness and other highly respected individuals from the Tibetan community fielded their questions that focused centrally on the realization of selflessness.

His Holiness gave the young scholars advice “Tibetan traditional debate is wonderful way to sharpen your mind, and a way to go deeper into Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.  To study and to research is more important than teachings and speeches.   It is very essential for students to thoroughly research their subjects from all aspects.”

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