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23june2009101Dharamshala: The welfare society of Central Dhokham Chushi Gang Druk, was founded 50 years ago. The anniversary celebration was concluded on June 16 in Delhi at the Tibetan Sanye Ling settlement; ceremonies began with a moment of silence and guests singing the national anthem. The chief guests included former Justice commission of Tibet exile government Shadur Sonam Sangpo, former speaker of Tibetan Parliament in exile Mr. Karma Choephel and a representative of Tibetan parliament, Geshe Tse Ringpo.

"Executives of the Chushi Gangrduk presented it's annual reports, the chief guests followed and addressed the crowd and highlighted the important role that the military force played in Tibet history."  Geshe Monlam Tharchin said

According to official media of the organization; "The formal announcement of the formation of the Chushi Gangdruk (Land of Four Rivers and Six Ranges) defend Tibet Volunteer Force was made on the 16th of June 1958 and since then it is commemorated every year to mark the anniversary of Chushi Gangdruk. It was the first time that all the regions of Kham and the Khampas of all regions came together under one organization and fought under one banner since the splitting up of Tibet during the reign of the last and evil King, Lang Tharma.

23june200991The second edition of a history book telling about the Chushi Gangdruk was also released on the occasion. Karma Choephel and Shadur Sonam Sangpo awarded general of Chushi Gangdruk, to those Tibetans who were trained as parachutes in the United States 50 years ago.

During the ceremony a lottery was held to give a scholarship to a young Tibetan student.  Tenzin Tsomo, from TCV Suja School, won a scholarship. The second scholarship was given to the daughter of one of Tibet’s greatest hero’s Rongji Adak from Lithang county, eastern Tibet. The central committee also gave 16,000 rupees to each of the regional offices throughout India.

All media was not officially invited to the founding anniversary, maybe accept only few of selected  or media related attended the event.

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