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29febuary2012-1Kathmandu: - Reuters has reported that Thirteen Tibetans who were detained earlier this week for protesting against the Chinese occupation of Tibet in front of The United Nations building have begun a hunger strike in protest of their arrest.

The detainees claim that their detention is a violation of fundamental human rights, and have begun their hunger strike in order to procure their release.

The protesters were demanding that The United Nations send a fact-finding committee into Tibet to investigate Chinese human rights abuses.

In addition, the protesters sought to raise awareness about the increasingly dire situation inside of Tibet, which has resulted in the self-immolation protests of roughly twenty-four Tibetans since 2009, a great number of which have occurred in recent.

Nepal, which is home to 20,000 documented Tibetans, has come under increasing pressure from China to crack down on pro-Tibetan and anti-Chinese protests, which have increased in recent months in the wake of numerous self-immolation protests within Tibet.

Nepal, which trades heavily with and receives a great deal of aid from China, officially recognizes Tibet as a part of China.

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