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1 march 2012 001New Delhi: - At 10:15 AM this morning, sixteen members of The Tibetan Youth Congress Rohini were detained after protesting the meeting of Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna.

The students, eight of whom were female and eight of whom were male, gathered outside of the Hyderabad House, where the meeting was taking place.  The protesters were draped in Tibetan flags and displayed anti-Chinese signs. The protesters shouted slogans like the "Communist Chinese regime has no business talking about a border which does not belong to them." Shortly thereafter, they were detained by police forces.

Yang is visiting India in order to lay the groundwork for Chinese President Hu Jintao's trip to India in March. While visiting, Hu will participate in the BRICS summit, with representatives of the emerging world powers of Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa.

Additionally, tensions were raised over the issue of northern Arunachal Pradesh, which China claims to be a part of Tibet, and thus within its borders. Tibetan protesters were upset that The People's Republic of China was exploiting historic Tibetan borders to exert pressure on India.

The students are currently in the custody of police forces at The Parliament Street Police Station.