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7 march 2012 003Kathmandu: - Phayul has reported that the thirteen Tibetan Students who were detained for protesting against Chinese human rights abuses have been released after being charged 3,51,000 Nepali Rupees for bail.

The students paid bail after being denied an appeal from The Supreme Court of Nepal for their release.

The students were arrested on February 24 for protesting in front of the UN building in Kathmandu. They had five specific demands for the United Nations, which included sending a fact-finding mission to investigate the increasingly dire situation inside of Tibet.

This situation is reflected in the 26 self-immolation protests which have occurred since 2009.

During their detention, the students staged an unsuccessful hunger strike in order to appeal for their release.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has expressed concern for ongoing denial of human rights to Tibetans in Nepal who attend pro-Tibetan or anti-Chinese rallies. The UN body monitoring human rights in Nepal was closed December 8, 2011.

The United Nations Council on Human Rights has chided Nepal for its ongoing denial of human rights to Tibetan refugees, particularly their denial of the right to gather to Tibetans and Nepalis of Tibetan origin.

The Nepal government, who has strong economic ties with the Chinese, officially recognizes that Tibet is a part of China.

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