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10 april 2012 001Dharamsala: Tibetan Youth, Dhondup Phuntsok Jumped from Howrah Bridge into Ganga River in Kolkotta in an attempt to Free Tibet.

As the world grieves in horror by repeated news of Tibetan self-immolations from Tibet, martyr Jamphel Yeshi's self-immolation in Delhi shocked the world as he set himself ablaze and burn to death in front of the world media. And now, the news of Tibetan youth giving his life by jumping from a bridge and drowning in a river in Calcutta has gripped the Tibetan world.

According to various sources in Calcutta, Dhendup Phuntsok Jumped from the Gigantic Howrah Bridge into Ganga river and died. Before his final act of sacrifice left text messages with some of his friends and a suicide note which is at the moment with the police who are investigating into the case of his death.

On the night of 3rd April, deeply disturbed by Jamphel Yeshi's self-immolation in Delhi he sent this last text message to Ruby Mukherjee a long time Tibet supporter he said: " I want to do it myself n it is my personal decision whatsoever d consequences maybe tonite, u dont worry I m not associating any 1 in this act as this is just me n myself, I will delete all the phone number from my cell so that no one gets disturbed if I m caught in this act okay plz dont mind n dont worry coz you can count on my words..Free Tibet ".

Since 3rd April night his mother Dechen Dolma and Dhendup's friends and went looking for him, and found no until 6th April morning when his body was finished out of the Ganga. He was found wearing a FREE TIBET T-shirt.

Dhendup Phuntsok was studying in the Scottish Church College in Calcutta. Born in Darjeeling and attended school in the hill station Dhendup later moved to Calcutta with his family. A Tibetan resident of calcutta Mr Yeshi said "His family had always been in India, his grand father who lives at the ripe age of 83 recounts their lives Darjeeling even from the British Raj. They call themselves the Bhutais. But its amazing how a son of old Tibetans gave his life for Tibet when Tibetans are suffering so much under China today.

"Dhendup came across to me as a spirited young man who was willing to do anything for Tibet. Though I never met him, he used to often message me or call me discussing with me how to better spread the word about Tibet among Indian community" said Tenzin Tsundue, President of Regional Tibetan youth Congress.

After 33 cases of self immolations, Dhendup Phuntsok sacrificed his life by drowning into the Ganga river. Though we are grieved by his death, his sacrifice for the country's freedom make all of us proud said Tsering Yangchen vice President of regional Tibetan youth Congress.

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