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16may2012002Dharamsala: In sort of preparation for a smooth economic run after getting independence, 35 Tibetans are set to get farming training in Israel this year.

"This is 14th time that Tibetans are getting the farming scholarship, but this is first time for Dharamshala," Chemi Woeser, the person in-charge of the farming section in the Home Department of Central Tibetan Administration said.

A public addressing was held yesterday in the day to make the announcement. Chime Woeser said that they will give at least two seats to the Tibetans in Dharamshala.

Un-announcing the exact date for the application, the speakers at the public gathering told the audience that the Tibetan cabinet has guided them to include the Dharamshala for the farming scholarship.

"We have received order from the Tibetan cabinet urging to give the opportunity to the Tibetans in Dharamshala," Chemi said, adding that till date the scholarship was meant for the Tibetans at Tibetan settlements who own fields.

The farming scholarship is a ten-month long, and sort of more paid practical training than confirming to a class room for the theory part.

"It is a good opportunity to train our farmers and at the same time, they can earn something during their stay in Israel," Woeser said.

Out of 55 seats, only 8 seats are reserved for the female candidates.

"We have reduced the seats for girls because of their misbehavior in the past," the same source said.

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