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17 may 2012 002Dharamsala: Barely a few days after Tseten Dorjee, a Tibetan exile marched back to Tibet, his mother Dangpo kyi started a hunger fast in front of the Dalai Lama Temple at Dharamsala.

Tseten Dorjee along with his mother Dongpo Kyi and his younger sister Lhamo Kyi had marched for two months fro March 10th to the Indo- Nepal border. While Tseten Dorjee escaped to Nepal and continued to march, his mother and sister were forcibly sent back. As per Tseten's request, some organizations and NGOs in Dharamsala safely brought his mother and sister back to Dharamsala. This morning, Dongpo Kyi started a hunger strike in front of the Dalai Lama Temple.

Dongpo Kyi proudly announced that she was fasting so that her son's five points be accepted by the authorities. Although her daughter Lamho Kyi also wanted to join the hunger strike, her poor health conditions made her mother forbid her from fasting her health became better.

Dongpo Kyi is fasting for three days though initially she wanted to strike for a week. The two month march by foot greatly weakened her body and she expressed her wish to fast again when her health improves. In the future, she wants to go on a hunger strike at least for one to three days in a month.

"I don't have any special message for him. But, his promises are very strong and his belief in God is also very deep so I have faith that he will complete his mission. I want him to succeed in his mission and that we will be together again one day." She said, when asked she wished to say anything to her son.

When asked if she wanted to send her daughter, Lhamo Kyi back to school, Dangpo Kyi said that she would be very happy to send her back to school if the authorities were willing to accept her again. Lhamo Kyi, a high school student, had accompanied her mother and her elder brother in their march to Tibet.

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