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23may2012-004 tDharamshala, May 23: Kalon Tripa, Dr Lobsang Sangay, has visited the Tibetan settlements of Tso Pema, Bir, Tashi Jong, and Chauntra in the Mandi district Jurisdiction as part of his official tour as acting Prime Minister in recent days.

Dr Sangay, who became Kalon Tripa in April 2011, spoke to various audiences in all the Tibetan settlements and stressed that the 14th Kashag, the cabinet of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), is placing a strong and continuing emphasis on the peaceful resolution of the Tibetan peoples struggle. Furthermore, he stated that the Kashag, through various means and channels, is working proactively to highlight the current situation in Tibet in relation to grave human rights abuses, with international media organizations and world governments.

The Kalon Tripa also addressed the life of the Tibetan settlements themselves and acknowledged the hard work and commitment of many older Tibetan people who have been in the settlements for many decades, some reaching back to the 1960's. In addition, he looked to the future and urged Tibetans in the settlements to work hard and stand on their own two feet, the Kalon Tripa also added that new ways of thinking, unity, self-determination and innovative ideas were crucial for the future success of Tibetan communities.

Dr Sangay in particular emphasized the importance of modern education and implored people to take their responsibilities seriously in encouraging the young to take an interest in their studies in a mutually loving and caring way.

The Kalon Tripa informed his audiences that resolutions had been successfully passed in various European parliaments and also in Japan, and moreover, that a resolution had been introduced in congress in Washington in February of this year asking China to suspend its control on religious freedom, and furthermore to immediately start a dialogue with his holiness the Dalai Lama.

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