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2 june 2012 001Dharamsala: On 27th May two people self immolated in Lhasa, capital of Tibet. On 30th May, a mother of 3 children self immolated in Zamthang. On the afternoon of 1st June at 4 pm, the Tibet Administration held a prayer at the main temple of Dalai Lama for the solidarity of the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for the Tibet cause including the three recent cases of self immolation.

Kirti Rhinpoche, Kalon Pema Chinjor, Kalon Ngodup Drongchung and Kalon Tripa Dr.Lobsang Sangay were among the thousands that attended the prayer meeting. The main service was presided over by Kirti Rhinpoche.

At the prayer Kalon Tripa Dr. Sangay addressed the people saying that under the Chinese crackdown policy many Tibetans have chosen the route of self immolation. He further mentioned the concern of the Tibetan government due to these extreme policies.

He spoke of the recent cases of self immolation by Dorjee Tsering (19) and his friend Darjee( 25) in Lhasa, Tibet on the 27th of May. Dorjee Tsering succumbed to his injuries the same day and Darjee suffered from serious injury. He then spoke of Rikyo (36), a mother of three from Zamthang who self immolated. In brief he spoke of the sadness that the events had brought with them and hence they were holding a prayer for the three victims, their familes and the Tibetan people who are still suffering under the oppressive Chinese regime.

He further expressed that many Tibetans have self immolated to protest against the harsh Chinese policy and are specially demanding that His Holiness be allowed to return to Tibet. The people, he felt need freedom now more than ever to express themselves without an authority curbing their views and actions. The news of these atrocities by the Chinese needs to be broadcasted around the world and he stated that it was the Tibetan people's responsibility to do so.

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