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5june2012-002Dharamsala: A writing competition as well as a green marathon was organized by the regional Dharamsala Tibetan Women's Association and Central Tibetan Women's Association (TWA) today on the 5th of June. It will start from the main square in McLeod Ganj to the Hindu temple on Bhagsu road and will come back to the Dalai Lama temple.

The presentation ceremony was held in front of the Tibetan memorial statue. Fifty people will attend this competition including students of upper and lower TCV as well as people from McLeod Ganj.

Prizes were awarded in three categories, the winner received 1000 rupees, and the first runner up 750 rupees and the second runner up were awarded 500 rupees.

President of Women's association explained why they take have this competition in Dharamsala on this particular day. Loosely translated she said 'We come to these places by walking and not by using any other transport as a show of support to the environment.'

A clean up campaign will take place not only Mcleod Ganj but by the global network of the organization, whose various chapters will have a similar clean up campaign in their local regions.

Part of the crusade will involve holding a signature campaign for the world environment day. According to Tenzin Woebum, head of TWA's Women's Environment and Development Desk (WEDD), " The petition campaign was officially started in January during the 32nd Kalachakra prayers and it will be a year-long campaign aimed at urging the 11 downstream nations that receive water from Tibet's rivers, to protect Tibet's fragile environment. People are urged to sign the petition titled 'Nomads for Planetary Third Pole.' An online signature campaign is underway as well.

The movement will definitely gain a lot of exposure to World Environment Day as well as exposing some hard truths about environmental issues in Tibet.

To know more about the movement log on to http://tibetanwomen.org

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