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25 june 2012 005Dharamshala: Kalon Tripa Dr Lobsang Sangay arrived in Melbourne yesterday to start his one week visit. This is his first official visit to Australia since being elected the head of the Central Tibetan Administration in August of last year.

He will be speaking to Australian political leaders about the situation in Tibet. Sangay believes that a resolution exists for Tibet.

Dr Sangay will be doing a series of interviews with the Australian media. Following these interviews he will also take part in a round-table discussion with eminent Chinese scholars at Deakin University in Victoria.

He said ‘The Berlin Wall came down, Nelson Mandela, spent 27 years in prison, no-one thought he could be freed ‘. He tried to bring in a comparison among other struggles and how they have succeeded historically with less support.

He was also quoted saying that "The situation inside Tibet is so oppressive that Tibetans are choosing to die." He was referring to the cases of self-immolation which have recently taken place in Tibet.

His request to meet the Australian Foreign Minister has not been granted as of now. Dr Sangay felt that he just needed to bring a balanced view about Tibet. He did not disagree with Australia's decision to listen to Chinese leaders, but to hear both sides of the story.

Dr Sangay will be in Canberra and Sydney during the week.

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