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26 june 2012 002Dharamasala: The Joint Secretary Tenzin Norsang and Information Secretary Tenzin Yangzom of Tibetan Youth Congress, visited various Tibetan Settlements including Mungod, Hunsur, Bylakuppe, Kollegal, Bandhara, Mainpat and Orrisa and met with the general masses in all the settlements as well as addressed gathering in some of the major monasteries and schools in the settlements.

These visits are an important aspect of TYC's activities to create awareness on the current situation inside Tibet and also inform the masses
on the functioning of TYC and sensitize them towards our freedom struggle. These visits to the Regional Chapters provide Centrex members
with the opportunity to assess the activities of the chapters as well as examine their accounts.

While addressing the gathering of Tibetan settlement, Ms Tenzin Yangzom spoke about the functioning, relevance and importance of TYC to stand resolute for the Tibetan Independence Struggle. To this effect she reminded members as well as the people of the inaugural speech given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the 7th of October 1970 where he said, "...you should establish your present will and determination like a mountain.

We should make clear to ourselves that to achieve our common goal is not an easy task and our path is strewn with difficulties and problems, and that despite these obstacles we must set our mind firmly to continue in our quest to achieve our goals...".

This was followed by a talk by Mr Tenzin Norsang who spoke on why it is important to maintain and restore our struggle for Tibetan Independence and how it is possible to achieve our independence. Norsang gave a detailed account on the achievement of TYC in 43 years of its commitment for Independence struggle and services to the Tibetan community.

He further urged the people to be ready to sacrifice anything for the cause of Tibet and stand united to respond to the dire situation inside Tibet. He also stressed on how activities in exile help Tibetan political prisoners in Tibet and affect the overall morale of the Communist Party of China.

In Hunsure Rabgyaling Tibetan settlement, TYC and Regional Chapter honour its 9 member to engage in the longest legal battle with Delhi High Court to took protested at the Chinese Embassy in 1992 and tried under the Indian Penal Code section 307, 436, 427, 148, 149, 186 and 353. The case was finalized after almost two decades and sixty court hearings While in settlements, they also met with every Tibetan settlement officer,
Tibetan Co-operative society, Regional members of Parliament, abbot of various monasteries, Government and Non-Governmental Organization and expressed gratitude for their hospitality and urged them to strengthen mutual understanding amongst organizations especially while organizing campaigns and activities for Tibet.

TYC representatives also visited old-age homes, Monasteries, Schools, Handicraft Centers to better understand the conditions and express appreciation for all their efforts and good work. TYC has a significant role to play as the bridge between the government and general masses. A service it has rendered for the last 43 years in exile.

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