Tibet: News Exile International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

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27june2012-2Dharamshala:  26th of June marks the 15th anniversary of the United Nations International Day in Support of the Victims of Torture. A commemorative was held yesterday at 6pm yesterday evening at Tibetan Day school. The chief guests were Sonam Choephel security of the Central Tibetan Administrations Department of Health and Dawa, a researcher from the Tibetan centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD).


The movement was organized by a section of the Department of Health and Gu Chu Sum movement of Tibet. This is the health office's first bit of involvement with the movement. 200 people attended the memorial.

The speeches kicked off with the Vice President of the Gu Chu Sum movement Lukar Sham. Since the day was to remind the world of torture he proceeded to shed light on the Chinese methods of torture.

He said that the Chinese government had been using electrical torture devices which inflicted serious wounds on many political prisoners. In recent months however the Chinese have used forms of torture that did not leave any visible scars.

He was clear in stating that many political prisoners were often found dead after their release. The world he felt needed to know about these atrocities.

He was followed by Sonam Choephel, he highlighted how the Tibetan health office has helped with money for political prisoners since much earlier, but they didn't hold ceremony on this day.

27june 2012-003He mentioned how it was the department's first venture with the GU CHU SUM movement which held this annually. The health office felt that it is important to be part of the movement.

Dawa then gave a speech about the Chinese governmental practices. Many prisoners have been incarcerated on baseless charges.

A performance followed the speeches about Tibetan protests in Tibet and also the crackdown by the Chinese authorities. It portrayed the trials that prisoners and protesters have undergone. They give lifetime sentence for a long time by members of GU CHU SUM movement.

The TCHRD had been prompted many years ago to bring up this issue. It seems to be relevant more than ever. 40 self-immolations and counting seem to suggest that the internal strife within Tibet is getting worse.