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5 july 2012 007

Dharamshala,4th July, 2012. A new healthcare facility has been inaugurated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Fortis Healthcare Limited, a multi-specialty hospital with a capacity of 95 beds is located in Kangra district and will be the latest state-of-the-art addition to the health-care units within the area.

The hospital contains several intensive care units, three well-equipped operation theatres, a critical care unit, complete obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, urology, dialysis, cardiac services, maternity unit, including a 24-hour emergency service.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama addressed the attendees and opined that there has been a steady improvement in education and healthcare facilities in Dharamshala and its adjoining areas during the last 52 years of his Holiness' presence in the region. He reminisced that when he had arrived at Mcleodganj, there were only 2 shops , where as now the entire area is growing constantly and rapidly. The various facilities have been undergoing continuous development which is a hopeful sign. The heart surgery facility at the new hospital is a wonderful and heartening development, he said.

His Holiness also remarked that America and other foreign countries have Indian doctors who are experts and are very gifted. Mayo hospital in the U.S.A. where his personal check-up is conducted annually has an Indian specialist as well, which a thing of pride for Indians. As they are skilled and their educated in the field of medicine.

‘It is very important for one's own country, for one's own area to enjoy good quality facilities. It is about serving one's own people. India, before allopathic medicine, had its own ayurvedic healing tradition established. It already has a 1000 year old medical system in place. Of course in India, the tradition of Ahimsa which means compassion is 1000s year old. These values are very relevant today- His Holiness observed.

Mr Shivinder Mohan Singh, executive vice-chairman of Fortis hospital, remarked that the hospital aims to bring quality and affordable healthcare for the people in the region.

Mr. G. S. Bali, MLA and former minister, was of the opinion that the hospital is strategically located on the main road within the city- connecting Kangra to Dharamsala, Mcleod Ganj and Palampur and as a result will offer good quality healthcare to the region.