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15 august 2012 001Dharamsala:- The 15th of August, since 1947 Indian Independence Day celebrated by the whole nation, was rejoiced not only by Indians, but Tibetans alike.

This day is special to all Indians, as 65 years ago on this particular day, India gained independence from the British rule and became a sovereign nation.

The national holiday is celebrated throughout the country with the main event held in Delhi where the Prime Minister hoists the national flag and nationwide broadcasted speeches take place. Such ceremonies, including parades and cultural events, are observed all over the country.

On this special day, the political leader of Tibet Dr Lobsang Sangay has arrived to Kashag building (cabinet of the Tibetan Government in exile) at 9 AM to celebrate this historical event.

The occasion began with the traditional hoist of the Indian flag and respect to the National Hymn followed by Dr Lobsang’s speech.  "On behalf of the Central Tibetan Administration, we wish the holy land of India, and very hospitable and kind host of the Indian people, congratulations on India's independence day. We wish India shining success in years to come."

The celebration of the Independence Day is one of the best opportunities to show the respect to Indian Government and Indian people. As Dr Lobsang said, India and Tibet have been very close neighboring countries not only historically and geographically, but also religiously, particularly knowing that the Tibetan Buddhism was brought to this land by great Indian scholars. The arrival of Tibet nation to India has also helped the Tibetan Democracy to grown.

Tibetans have fought for free Tibet based on Tibetan Buddhism as well as Gandhi’s philosophy of Ahimsa (nonviolent actions). The words of ‘Thank you’ were expressed from the bottom of Tibetan hearts to Indian Government and Indian people as well as the State of Himachal Pradesh for provided refuge, protection and support for the exiled Tibetans all along this difficult time.

“Presently, during the tragic situation in Tibet, after we lost our country, we also sought the refuge in India in the last fifty plus years, Indian Government and the great people of India have been tremendously kind, helpful and supportive, for which we are eternally grateful”, said the Tibet’s Prime Minister.

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