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5 semtember 2012 001Dharamshala: Day two of the Tibetan Youth Congress' "Indefinite hunger strike" did not turn out as planned with the three hunger strikers being detained in prison for two nights in a row.

Despite Indian authorities assuring that the hunger strike would be allowed to go on, it was a constant struggle to continue the strike.

A report released by the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) recounted details of the last two days of the strike. Three TYC Central Executive members; Vice President, Dhondup Lhadar, Organizational Secretary, Penpa Tsering and Cultural Secretary, Jigme Shoipa started their indefinite fast on September 3 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.

Trouble started around 8:30 pm IST when the Indian police came to the protest site to take away the three hunger strikers and two activists to Connaught Place Police Station. The authorities maintained that this was done as a preventive measure, as the hunger strike was a security risk to the Chinese Defence Minister's visit to India. However, they assured the people that the strike would be allowed to carry on.

On September 4, at 7:00 am IST the detainees were released and allowed to go back to the protest site. However, an hour and a half later the police were back under the guise of requiring signatures from the ones taken away. Uncertain about the authorities' true intentions, the rest of the protestors waited till 12:30 pm for their return to Jantar Mantar.

There was still more to come when ten policemen arrived at Jantar Mantar at 8:00 pm. They forcibly took away the three hunger strikers and activists, arresting them this time and putting them in cells at Tuglak Marg Police Station. FIRs were also filed against the arrested.

Meanwhile, about 30 TYC activists staged a protest during the meeting between Chinese Defence Minister, Liang Guanglie and Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, at 6:00 pm near India Gate.

The shouting out of anti- China slogans resulted in the arrests of all the 30 TYC activists. They were also imprisoned at Tuglak Marg Police Station.

Despite the constant hindrances, the three hunger strikers unanimously vowed to continue their fasts in jail.

Later that evening, the Delhi police issued further orders notifying TYC to remove their hunger strike tent from Jantar Mantar, warning that it would be broken down and dismantled if left standing.

Furthermore, at 12 am, the hunger strikers, protestors and activists, were sent to Tihar jail under the orders of the Special Court of Magistrate, New Delhi.

TYC in their report maintains that their form of expression would continue to be peaceful and non-violent, despite the disappointing response and treatment the Indian Police have shown the last few days towards the Tibet issue.

They vowed to keep their mission going to appeal to the European Parliament, United Nations and the international community to immediately intervene and compel the Chinese government to douse the fiery protests inside Tibet.

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