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13september2012-002Dharamshala: The 12th of September marked the book's "Iron Hare 2011-Flames of Resistance" publication in English language.

The book in its original Tibetan language was published on 16th March 2012. Half a year later, English version of the book, translated by Matthew Akester, reached the light to uncover sheer facts of last year's self-immolations within and outside of Tibet. The book's translation into one of the world's most spoken language enables to spread awareness about the grim situation in Tibet under communist Chinese rule to a?wider audiences.

The Dhomay Exile Solidarity Alliance has compiled this chronicle to record Tibet's heroes and heroines actions so those who gave up their lives for the cause of Tibet's religious and political integrity will not be forgotten.

"Iron Hare2011-Flames of Resistance" contains of more than 440 pages which are divided into four sections- Chronicle of the Iron Hare year fire protests; Self immolation protest in exile; International statements of support for Tibet; and Solidarity initiatives by exile Tibetan Community organizations. The book also includes photos of self-immolators and international supporters, detailed accounts and published articles on the issue.

The first self immolation act in Tibet's history occurred in 1998 when Thubten Ngodrup set himself on fire during a hunger strike in Delhi organised by the TYC. Around 11 years later, another Tibetan took the same action in protest against Chinese rule. In 2011 alone, more than 22 self-immolations acts occurred in China's occupied Tibet while today numbers increased up to 52.

The event was marked by Tibet's Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay's, other parliament members and the Dhomay Exile Solidarity Alliance members' presence and speeches.

Dr. Chenrap, associate of The Dhomay Exile Solidarity Alliance, gave the main reasons for publishing this book in English. He said, that it is very important to keep the records of today's' events and to prove the number of self-immolations as one day it will be history and the book could be useful in research. "It reflects the reality of many Tibetan and therefore we would like to show solidarity to Tibet's heroes and heroines, their family members, other relatives and friends", said Dr. Chenrap.

He also spoke of the future of the book. "Due to the lack of time, it was unsuccessful to include self-immolations that occurred after the book's publishing. However, The Dhomay Exile Solidarity Alliance is gathering information on the latest non- violent protest actions in order to publish a second book that would include all of the self-immolations.

Other speaker at the event, Kalon Tripa Lobsang Sangay, remembered his presence at the launch of the first book and said that the team working on this project put lots of effort in gathering latest information. "Kashag (Cabinet of Tibetan Administration) believes the book to be very important and therefore I am here in the launch of this book".

Lobsang Sangay said that the translation will help to receive international attention and support to the issue. Tibetans in exile know all about the incidents that occur in Tibet and the book would spread the news to international audiences as well as educating them about the current issue. "Most importantly, this book shows support and acknowledgment to self-immolators and their families' members".

"Iron Hare 2011- Flames of Resistance" English version is available for free download http://www.savetibet.org/media-center/ict-news-report/iron-hare-2011-flames-resistance.

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