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tibetans-exile-vigil-2012.jpgDharamshala: Symbolically united holding aloft an enormous length of Karta (Tibetan prayer scarf), the exile community of Dharamshala marked the latest loss of life in Tibet with a candlelight vigil on 13th October 2012.

Taking to the streets with candles and prayers, the community stood united in remembrance of Tamdrin Dorjee, a layman who was at least 50 from Amdho (Eastern Tibet).
Tamdrin set himself alight and died on Saturday afternoon in Tsoe city, Malho county of Amdho region, to protest against China's repressive policies against Tibetans.

"Tamdrin Dorjee self-immolated near a Tibetan Buddhist stupa (Tibetan: Mila Serkhar Choten) close to Tsoe City, on Saturday afternoon, 13 of October, 2012, and later passed away," stated Gedhun Tsering to The Tibet Post International. Gendhun, a Tibetan writer in exile, originally came from the region. Tamdrin reportedly died at the scene.

In response the community in Dharamshala closed shops for the evening and communed at the main square. At least 250 attended the vigil, and as the sun set over the Himalayan town the peaceful protestors made their way to the Main Temple, marking the latest loss of life with prayers, speeches and reflection.

Tamdrin was grandfather of the young 7th Gungthang Rinpoche, a highly respected Tibetan master, also the second most senior religious leader at Labrang monastery in Amdho region.

Recent weeks have witnessed a sharp increase in the number of self-immolations in Tibet; four within two weeks. At least 55 Tibetans have set themselves alight since 2009, 45 of which have resulted in death.

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