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3_November_2012_002Dharamshala: More than 50 cyclists took part in a bike rally to support the Tibetan cause in Maharashtra on October 24.

Wardha-based Indian support group, the National Campaign for Tibetan Support, organised its fifth annual rally under the banner “Free Tibet, Save India,” between Wardha and Nagpur to coincide with the 56th Dr. Baba Sahib Ambedkar’s Dharmachakra day.

Former Municipal Council chairman, Shri Shekhar Shende, and former Zilla Parishad councillor, Shri Vijay Athale, started the event, before the cyclists were warmly welcomed by residents including the presidents of the local Tibetan Assembly, regional Tibetan Youth Congress and regional Tibetan Women’s Association, at Norgyeling Tibetan Settlement, upon their arrival in Nagpur.

The cyclists also visited a statue of the Buddha en route at Dhammabhumi, where they enjoyed a flower ceremony to seek blessings for the journey.