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13_November_2012_001Dharamshala: Highlighting their support for those suffering under Chinese rule in Tibet, the Tibetan Youth Congress protested outside, and further attempted entry into the Chinese Embassy in Delhi on 12th 2012. It has emerged that during the peaceful demonstration, Delhi police arrested 13 of the Tibetan activists, who were led by the current TYC President Tsewang Rigzin.

The demonstration; organised by the Tibetan Youth Congress, also involved members of the Regional TYC of bothSamnyeling and Rohini.

At the embassy, Tsewang Rigzin demanded to confront and speak to members of the Chinese government, to highlight the deteriorating situation within Tibet.

Before his arrest, Rigzin released the following statement: "We demand the Chinese government under the new leadership of Xi Jinping to do the right thing by working on a timeline during this on-going 18thCommunist Party National Congress to return Tibet to its rightful owner: the Tibetan people." Addressing world leaders, he urged them to: "stand on the right side of history"highlighting the need to support the Tibetan people's rightful aspiration to be free from Chinese occupation.

It is reported that all 13 activists; which includes eight students; 2 women, are currently being held in Chanakyapuri Police Station,New Delhi.

The protest comes as the toll of self-immolations surpasses 72 this week (since 2009).Thousands of Tibetans have taken to the streets in recent weeks, largely Rebkong in Eastern Tibet; protesting against Chinese rule and expressing their discontent with policy failures, suppression, and for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The wave of protests has coincided with Chinese Communist Party's week-long 18th National People's Congress,passing the mantle of leadership to the next generation in Beijing.

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