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Dolma-Gyari-Ladkh-2013Leh, Ladakh: A top official of the Tibetan administration met members of the Tibetan nomadic community in Ladakh's Jangthang region who were severely hit by heavy snowfall this winter.

Ms Dolma Gyari Kalon or minister of the Department of Home at the Central Tibetan Administration announced the Kashag's (executive cabinet) decision to release a sum of Rs 5 lakh as ex-gratia. The Office of the Chief Representative extended its sincere thanks to the Kashag for the timely help.

The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama offered to the affected nomadic herders a sum of Rs 10 lakh as compensation on 27 February.

Ms Dolma was scheduled to begin visits to the nomadic settlements in Jangthang on Friday, March 8, 2013, according to the CTA Media- Tibet Net.

The Office of the Chief Representative earlier said heavy snow fall between January – February trapped the Tibetan nomadic community, killing over 5,000 livestock, including goats and many sheep, due to severe cold and hunger.

The worst affected areas are Jangthang, Kakshung, Goyul, Chumur, Hanley, Sumdho, Jangthang and Nyoma.

The army units, including ITBP, ITBF and Vikas (Army), provided aid by opening the roads, moving people to tents and supplying them daily necessasities such as food, medicine and fodder for the livestock.

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