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parliamentrainsDharamshala: - Tibetan parliamentarians Geshe Monlam Tharchin and Jigmey Jungny carried out visits to Tibetan settlements in northern India from April 1-17.

Shimla Yangchen Gatseling, Paonta Cholsum, Puruwala, Satoun, Kumrao, Herbertpur, Thogyal Bon Tibetan Settelement and Selakui school and vocational centre were among those to be visited in the 16 day visit by the parliamentarians.

Public talks were held in all these settlements, by the visiting MPs where they described the proceedings and the resolutions passed in the recently concluded 5th session of the 15th Tibetan parliament-in-exile.

The structure of the Central Tibetan Administration, (CTA) and policies of the Tibetan leadership were explained to the public. Questions posed by members of the public were also answered by the parliamentarians.

Discussing the current critical situation inside Tibet with the Tibetans living in the settlements was also on the agenda.

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