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Penpa-Tsering-21Dharamshala: - A terror plot to poison two Tibetan youths – Tashi Gyaltsen@Tashi Dhondup and Karma Yeshi@Tashi by Chinese Security Agencies aimed at spreading chaos and terror in the Tibetan community was uncovered.

This latest exposure goes well beyond Chinese government's aggressive intelligence gathering on His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Central Tibetan Administration and other exile based organizations to undermine the exile community.

Penpa Tsering, aged 33, from Lhari County of Nagchu Prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), confessed that he was first recruited and then sent across to India in 2009 by Li Yuquan who was then working as Party Secretary of Political and Legal Committee; Head of Public Security Bureau of Nagchu Prefecture, 'TAR' and a member of the 9th National People's Congress of TAR. Li has been since transferred to Chamdo Prefecture, TAR but holding the same portfolio as before.

CTA-statement-2013Penpa Tsering is fully trained in intelligence tradecrafts and physical combat including weapon handling. He was in PLA from 1999 to 2002 and later worked in Public Security Bureau, Nagchu Prefecture prior to coming to India

Li Yuquan has initially tasked Penpa Tsering to collect intelligence on alleged "terrorist" activities against China by Central Tibetan Administration and Tibetan NGOs based in exile. He was asked to report on health condition and schedules of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Posing himself as staff of Department of Security, CTA, he made contacts with numerous individuals to collect specific intelligence on exile based Tibetan NGOs, important personalities, new comers from Tibet and vulnerabilities in Tibetan community; and reported these information to his handler on regular basis through phone, Internet based Weechat and QQ.

Later on, Li Yuquan tasked Penpa Tsering to eliminate the above mentioned two youths – Tashi Gyaltsen of Driru Dzong, Nagchu and Karma Yeshi of Palpung, Derge Dzong, Kham – both of them had escaped to India in early 2010. To execute this terror plot, Li summoned Penpa Tsering twice to Kathmandu, Nepal since 2012. Li along with other Chinese agents personally instructed him to eliminate the two youths by poisoning. Three different poisonous substances were first tested in front of his eyes on two puppies and a chicken and then handed to him.

Penpa Tsering has received more than Indian Rupees Eleven lakhs from Li Yuquan since May 2009 for providing intelligence reports and task of eliminating the above two youths.

cta-photos-2013The Department of Security would like to express its appreciation to Tashi Gyaltsen and Karma Yeshi for their courageous efforts in exposing the Chinese plot and intelligence network attempting to infiltrate and undermine the Tibetan exile community.

We also take this opportunity to appeal all sensible and right thinking Tibetans to cooperate with us in further exposing evil designs of Chinese security agencies by providing credible and timely information whenever they come across of any such nature.

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